The Greenwich Home Watch Team Discusses Top Issues When Leaving a Home Unattended

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If you’ve ever experienced coming home to a maintenance or safety issue you know how frustrating, expensive and/or completely disruptive it can be. The last thing you want to deal with after being away is a problem. Our Greenwich Home Watch team of caretakers and maintenance professionals has put together a handful of issues that can occur when leaving a home unattended – and the consequences that can result from not having someone on call to monitor your home during extended absences. Here are just a few:

Water Infiltration and Mold

Water can enter the house in a variety of ways. And when left unattended, water can lead to mold and wood rot. Basement flooding is common, particularly in Greenwich where the water table is high and ledge rock is prevalent. Flooding can even occur when you’ve taken maintenance steps to avoid the issue. Sump pumps can fail and larger than average rain storms can test the limits of existing drainage and waterproofing.

Another way that water can enter the house is through a burst pipe. Pipes can crack in the winter during periods of extended freezing. When the water in the pipes freezes, pipes can burst. Water is then released when they thaw. This can become a major issue with significant mold and property damage implications – particularly if left unmonitored.

One water related issue that our Greenwich Home Watch team recently encountered was an ice maker that would not stop making ice. In this case the ice maker malfunctioned and ice continually filled the refrigerator. If our team wasn’t there to catch this it could have become a much bigger problem. This is a good example of a home maintenance issue that the homeowner never saw coming.

Storm Related Damage

Storms are becoming more frequent and can cause serious damage to homes. Fallen tree limbs and high winds can damage roofing, flashing and windows. And winter storms can lead to ice dams and other issues. The Greenwich Home Watch team has a protocol in place for inspecting homes before storms to ensure everything is buttoned up. After the storm we assess the entire property for signs of damage.

HVAC and Other Mechanical Issues

If the heating system in a Greenwich, CT home malfunctions during the winter months while you are away, issues such as frozen pipes can occur. In the summer, if air conditioning and/or ventilation systems fail, a home can languishing in the heat and humidity and potentially cause damage to fine rugs, upholstery and artwork.

The Greenwich Home Watch team monitors the working order of all HVAC equipment as well as generators, water filtration systems, sump pumps, water heaters and alarm systems. In addition to this, we inspect the home for signs of pest infestation, collect the mail and packages, and adjust the thermostat for arrival and departure, among other caretaker responsibilities.

Safety Issues

Vacant properties can be an easy target for break ins. Having someone to regularly check on the property can help ensure that security lighting, cameras, gates and alarms are functioning property. Our Greenwich Home Watch team will also check for any signs of forced entry. And since vacant homes make an easy target, we make sure the home continues to appear occupied by monitoring lawn care and general upkeep to ensure your scheduled landscaping agreements are being adhered to.

Establishing Peace of Mind

Our Greenwich, CT customers are constantly sharing their gratitude and expressing relief that they have a trusted, local Greenwich Home Watch service in place to watch over their property during extended absences. Our services, otherwise known as house watch, house check, home concierge, and property watch, provide peace of mind for those taking extended absences or second home owners.

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